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Ringling’s Resident Ghost

Posted by christinefra on October 15, 2009

As we get closer to Halloween, it seems appropriate we shed some light on Ringling’s resident ghost known as Mary, who shares students’ sleeping quarters in Keating Hall.

For decades, students have reported numerous sightings of the ghost of a young woman, often described wearing clothing from the 1920′s. During this time, before Ringling College was founded, Keating Hall was a hotel that fell on hard times and became a brothel. The story goes that Mary was a young “lady of the night” who commit suicide on the second floor of the building. Since then, her ghost reportedly lingers on the second floor.

Stories range from seeing a woman gazing out of a window into the street late at night, to several spooky happenings involving the yanking of sheets in the middle of the night, television sets and radios turning on/off and students walking into their empty rooms to find their brushes slowly swirling in their water cups.

The sightings and reports have been so numerous and constant throughout the ages that the Ringling College was showcased as one of the most haunted campuses in a Travel Channel special Halloween program aptly titled “Haunted Campuses”.

Interested in reading more? Follow this link to read a chapter on Ringling’s ghost in the book Florida’s Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore: The Gulf Coast and Pensacola by Greg Jenkins, courtesy of Google Books.

Have you or any of your friends had an encounter with our ghost? Leave a comment and share your stories!

In the meantime, mind your manners and be sure to say hello to Mary when you find yourself in Keating Hall.

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On Order Status

Posted by Carter on October 15, 2009

You know that all students and faculty can request that the library buy particular books, DVDs and magazines, right? Its as simple as filling out this form.Now you can check back to find out whether something you’ve requested has been ordered by the library. This video explains it all:

more about “On Order Status“, posted with vodpod

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Spotlight: Robert Andrew Parker

Posted by christinefra on October 11, 2009

           The Selby Gallery is currently housing an exhibit of Illustrator Robert Andrew Parker’s work. His loose style and beautiful use of watercolors and gouache work together to create playful illustrations that set a mood for the stories they accompany.


Here’s a little taste of some of his work.



Pop Corn and Ma Goodness

Pop Corn and Ma Goodness

Liam's Catch

Liam's Catch


Although most the books are at the Selby Gallery exhibit, we still have some at the library you can come and see. 


Illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker 


Come by, and check them out!


Liam’s Catch

by Dorothy D. Parker

Illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker

PZ7.P37 Li 1972


Pop Corn and Ma Goodness

by Edna Mitchell Preston

Illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker

PZ8.3.P913 Pop 1969


The Monkey’s Haircut, And Other Stories Told By the Maya

edited by John Bierhorst

Illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker

F1435.3.F6 M66 1986



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Library Insider: Halloween Display

Posted by christinefra on October 6, 2009

October has come and we all know what that means:


midterms and Halloween!


Everybody’s busy working on projects, getting ready for tests and planning Halloween costumes. What better way to both unwind and get costume ideas that psyching up for the festivities with scary movies and classic stories? 


The wonderful people at the library have even made your life easier with a great Halloween themed display. All of these books and movies are available to be checked out, so by all means do!


You cant miss it! In front of the last column before the stacks.

You can't miss it! In front of the last column before the stacks.



Come by and take a look at what’s on display. There might be some classics you may remember and some material you’ve never seen.




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Library Insider: Light boxes? Indeed!

Posted by christinefra on October 2, 2009

Did you know that the Library has a few light-boxes for our use and enjoyment? Well now you do!


                  There are two portable light-boxes that students may take out for a week at a time. However, these go fast, so I’d recommend you place a hold if you’d like to work in the comfort of your room.

holy baby llightbox

Not too big, not too small… just the right size!



                  For those you who just can’t wait or want to work on a bigger scale,  there is also a larger stationary light-box for in-library use. If you’ve never been acquainted with a light-box, I strongly suggest you go by the library and check this one out. Behind it stands a collaborative stained glass piece from 1979 donated to the school. It’s definitely worth a glance. 


holy lightbox

It almost looks holy when it’s lit up.


So by all means, check them out, experiment and create!



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