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We’re Hiring

Posted by Carter on November 24, 2009

The library is hiring 2 student Research Consultant positions to work for 6-8 hours/each in the Spring semester.

To apply, turn in an Application for Student Employment at the Circulation desk.


TITLE: Research Consultant (number of positions varies)

Part-time; hours vary; no benefits; hourly pay rate based on years employed on campus

(1st yr: $7.25/hr; 2nd yr: $7.35/hr; 3rd yr: $7.45/hr; 4th yr: $7.55/hr)


REPORTS TO: Instruction and Research Services Librarian

PRIMARY FUNCTION: Peer research consultation.


  1. Provides individual consultations on-demand and by appointment about using library resources to find appropriate information for academic assignments and citation style.
  2. Attends initial training during the first week of the semester.
  3. Attends weekly hour-long staff meeting for ongoing training.
  4. Provides clerical support, such as assembly of instructional materials, packets, displays, etc.
  5. Works on special projects/assignments as directed.

NOTE:                  Student employees are expected to maintain appropriate job behavior including reporting to work on time and as scheduled; compliance with all policies and procedures; and completion of time sheets according to guidelines/deadlines.

Research Consultants will report to Circulation Staff in the Instruction and Research Services Librarian’s absence.



Must be enrolled as a full-time student of the Ringling College of Art and Design. Must have completed EN151: Writing Studio or received transfer credit for this course


Position requires attention to detail and a previous experience in research.

Strong verbal communication skills.  Ability to relate to students from a variety of academic backgrounds.


Primary availability required during evening hours on Sunday through Thursday nights.


Ability to work with computers, both visually and dexterously.

Ability to lift up to 25 pounds and reach shelving heights up to six feet.

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Periodicals: Stash

Posted by christinefra on November 19, 2009

If you’ve ever been to our Library, one of the first things you might have noticed first is the two walls lined with our periodicals. Our magazine subscriptions are wide and varied, and they run the gamut from Fine Arts to Pop Culture and beyond. There are certainly a few magazines here I’d never seen before, but of all the ones I’ve become acquainted with, there are none quite like Stash.

You can tell this will be good.

Stash is, according to their website, “the planet’s only monthly video showcase of animation, VFX and motion graphics”. They stick true to their mission, and each DVD is packed with a whole bunch of videos short films, broadcast design, music videos and commercials from around the world. This wide range of subjects, artists and clients produces equal variety in styles and solutions. Best of all, each DVD is accompanied by a booklet which contains details for each of the pieces.

It’s definitely worth a peek. The variety is each issue is sure to inspire or at the very least, amuse.

Click on one of the following images to see a short, if you’re still not convinced.

The Pearce Sisters

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc

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Congratulations to Our Winner!

Posted by Carter on November 11, 2009

Matt DeckerRemember that we had a contest this Halloween to guess the number of candies in the jar? Our winner, Matt Decker, guessed 130, and the actual number of candies was 131!

Matt won a gift card to Subway.

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Fall Colors Book Display

Posted by christinefra on November 6, 2009

Midterms are done, November has come and all our thoughts now turn to Thanksgiving Break. I don’t know about you, but I immediately associate Thanksgiving with fall colors (although I know that for those from the North, winter colors suit the holiday best). Here in the library, we’re all about those red, oranges, yellows and browns right now, and we chose to make this month’s book display fit the bill.

Based on the colors, we chose a wide range of books and movies covering quite a few subjects. So come by, browse around, and by all means feel free to check any of these materials out.

fall colors

Just so you get an idea of some of the things you can find, here’s a list you can look at wherever you are.

But do come by, and look at the pretty colors in person!

fall colors1

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Killer Tracks: New Releases!

Posted by christinefra on November 3, 2009

Killer Tracks has just come up with a couple of new releases in 10 different libraries!

For those of you who don’t know, Killer Tracks is most likely our most beloved audio resource. You can browse through hundreds of songs, clips and sound fx through it’s user-friendly catalog or using a more specific search through the “trakfinder”. You can then listen to the clips and set aside those you like to download them. This is especially valuable for those of you in Computer Animation or Digital Film.

Now, Killer Tracks has expanded its library once more, to include the following 15 new releases in 10 different libraries. So be sure to check them out!

killer tracks


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