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Summer Checkout for Rising Seniors

Posted by Carter on April 29, 2010

'Day 27 Short Fiction' by texasgurl on flickr. licensed under cc license.

Are you going to be a senior at Ringling next year?  Congrats, you’ve only got one more year to go!

Before you leave campus, we want you to know that you can borrow 5 books for extended summer checkout.  Simply bring your books to the circulation and request “summer checkout.”  They’ll be due back on August 30th.

This is only available for rising seniors, and only applies to books (sorry, no DVDs or periodicals).

Also, don’t forget that you continue to have access to digital resources (like with your Ringling user id and password.  There’s no better way to get an edge on the competition!

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Creativity @ Work Speaker Michael Brooks

Posted by courtneycox2009 on April 19, 2010

Michael Brooks, a Ringling College of Art and Design graduate of 1991, spoke in the academic center today. Brooks spoke about how he managed to create and publish the magazine called The South. The South is a Savannah, Georgia based magazine started in 2006 and has grown year by year. They cover all local news, events, shopping, dining, and much more about Savannah.

At Brooks’s presentation he gave out very valuable information about how to network and get the job you’ve been aspiring for. One thing he said was to always get business cards from presentations and shake the hand of the presenter, to show them respect and thank them for the presentation. After you apply for a job you should be the one to call and follow up with them. Your future employer will then know you are really dedicated and serious about working for their company.

For further information about The South Magazine go to

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We Have a Winner

Posted by Carter on April 16, 2010

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Library Communication Survey.  We had 188 entries, and Joseph Stachnik was the lucky winner of the 25$ campus bookstore gift card!

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New in ARTstor: Emilio Sanchez Paintings

Posted by Carter on April 16, 2010

ARTstor is a database of over 1 million high-quality art, design, and cultural objects.  Ringling students can log in and download images here.

From time to time the database will announce when new artwork that has been added to their database.  Recently they announced the Emilio Sanchez collection.

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Ze Frank is on

Posted by Carter on April 13, 2010

Ze Frank, Creativity Expert, Is on

Students at Ringling can watch this interview with innovative performance artist Ze Frank. In this video he talks about the creative process, audience participation, and embracing digital media.

This video is part of a larger “Creative Inspirations” series, which you can read about here on the blog.

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Famous Painter James Rosenzquist is Coming to Ringling

Posted by Carter on April 12, 2010

Famous painter James Rosenquist will be speaking on campus this Friday, April 16th.  Swing by the library to check out his biographical work, Painting Below Zero: Notes on Life in Art.  If you just want a quick rundown on his life, you should check out his profile on

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Creativity @ Work

Posted by courtneycox2009 on April 5, 2010

BOAD presents the Creativity @ Work Speaker Series featuring speakers Kathy Altieri from Dreamworks and Leita Kaldi from the Peace Corps Senegal. Past speakers from the Creativity @ Work Speaker Series have been Brandon Oldenburg, VP of Creative, Adam Volker, Art Director of MoonBot, and David Grad, Executive Producer of MTV.

Kathy Altieri, Production Designer for Dreamworks will be here on Wednesday April 7, 2010 from 7-9 pm in the Academic Center. This event is free, but students must pick up tickets at Student Life. Kathy has worked on Dreamwork’s film How to Train Your Dragon, Over the Hedge, The Lion King, Aladdin, and much more!

Leita Kaldi, returned volunteer from the Peace Corps Senegal will be here on Tuesday April 13, 2010 from 11:20- 12:30 in the Academic Center room #215. This is event is free as well, so come and hear Leita Kaldi speak about her experience at the Peace Corps Senegal.

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New Book Review: Atlas of Fashion Designers

Posted by sdsherman on April 1, 2010

Atlas of Fashion Designers

Editor: Laura Eceiza

TT505.A1 E23 2008

“The traditional demarcation line of fashion – London, Paris, New York and Milan – is changing its original boundaries. Humanity is too rich, heterogeneous, multicultural and dynamic to center its attention exclusively on these four cities. While we continue to view these places as the neuralgic centers of fashion, we are increasingly paying attention to designs coming out of different parts of the world, ones that promise to explode the panorama of international fashion in the years ahead.”

- Atlas of Fashion Designers

The fashion industry itself is incredibly diverse, and while the notion of ‘fashion’ is disregarded by some and lovingly embraced by others, it nonetheless remains an enormous field of artistic creativity. Fashion designers create artwork with a function, adorning the human body with all manners of material in an effort to intrigue or seduce; each article of clothing speaking with its own voice on the behalf of its wearer.

Atlas of Fashion Designers has brought together images and information on the very finest in the fashion industry today. Designers from around the globe bring unique perspectives and interpretations of what fashion can be in the modern age, so if you need info for research, reference for artwork, or if you just love fashion, check out the Atlas of Fashion Designers today!

Can’t find this book on the shelf?

Ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk.

Scott Sherman 3/10

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New Book Review: The Best of Business Card Design 8

Posted by sdsherman on April 1, 2010

The Best of Business Card Design 8

Sibley/Peteet Design/Austin

NC1002.L47 S52 2008

Filled with the very best business card designs the world

has to offer + Culled from thousands of entries created by top designers from over 25 countries + This book features nearly

400 examples from a wide variety of professions, trades, and job descriptions + Highlights special materials & innovative printing techniques to broaden a designer’s range of inspiration.”

-The Best of Business Card Design 8

Every once in a while you stumble across a book where the title says it all. This book is brimming with creative design, showcasing business cards from all over the world in every color, size and shape you can imagine.

The Best of Business Card Design 8 not only provides a great resource for the immediate visual elements of business card design, it also goes so far as to describe the designers, art directors, clients, design firms, materials, software and hardware that were involved with each and every card in this book.

Whether you’re specifically looking for a great resource on business card design or if you just have an itch for great graphic design, The Best of Business Card Design 8 is impossible to beat. Every artist needs a business card and this book is your one stop guide from the best of the best. Check it out!

Can’t find this book on the shelf?

Ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk.

Scott Sherman 3/10

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New Book Review: Letterhead and Logo design 9&10

Posted by sdsherman on April 1, 2010

Letterhead & Logo Design 9 & 10

Rockport Publishers

NC1002.L47 S55 2007

NC1002.L47 S87 2007

“We received more than 3,000 submissions, contributed from 38 U.S. States and 40 countries. Of these, some 300 are presented here as representative of the best work being done in their respective localities… As you review this book, consider the work both individually and collectively. Each entry is included for its own merit, but each section also contains its own, secondary, narrative. We hope that it will inform, entertain, inspire, and enlighten.”

– Letterhead & Logo Design 9

More books for all you design junkies! This time we’re pleased to present the newest in Letterhead & Logo Design, brought to you by the Rokport publishing group. These books offer up the best designs in the industry as inspiration for your letterhead and logo needs. As aspiring professional artists, letterhead design is an important part of the application process, so why not learn from the best of the best?

Between these two books, almost 600 of the best examples in the world lie at your fingertips. If you’re struggling with your own designs, or even if you just enjoy design for its own sake, Letterhead and Logo Design is the book for you. Search our catalog for the rest of them!

Can’t find this book on the shelf?

Ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk.

Scott Sherman 3/10

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