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Artist Books!

Posted by jennugent on November 2, 2011

Half of our artist books are currently on display across from the circulation desk. Ask the library staff to get a better look at these, or any others that are stored in our Special Collections.

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Jen’s selections from our Special Collections

Posted by jennugent on November 2, 2011

Come in and check out the display just outside the library’s computer lab!

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Life Magazine In Color, Online

Posted by Carter on May 11, 2010

Issues of Life Magazine from 1936-1972 are available digitally from the Google Books project. This is a great publication to study to get a feeling for historical and visual trends in fashion, photography, interiors, world events, and more.

As mentioned on the Google Books Blog,

Most of us are familiar with the term “American Century,” but chances are few of us have been able to read Henry Luce’s defining editorial in its original context, a 1941 issue of LIFE. You’ll be able to find and read Leonard McCombe’s iconic cover and photo essay on a Texas Cowboy and Richard Meryman’s famous last interview with Marilyn Monroe. You can find a 1968 cover story on Georgia O’Keeffe (which you may want to read if you’re visiting the Whitney Museum anytime soon).

You’ll even find Alfred Eisenstadt’s famous photo of the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square on VJ Day in 1945.

For issues not included in Google’s digital library, you can rely on the Library’s collection of LIFE  Magazines.  If you ever want to make high-resolution scans, we have many of the original volumes from 1962-69, and 1980-2000 in storage.  Just request them at the front desk!  Additionally, our ProQuest research database can help you determine which issues relate to your research subject.  ProQuest has citations and abstracts for each issue published from 1986-2000.

Click here to get stared searching Google Books’ issues online!

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Creativity @ Work Speaker Michael Brooks

Posted by courtneycox2009 on April 19, 2010

Michael Brooks, a Ringling College of Art and Design graduate of 1991, spoke in the academic center today. Brooks spoke about how he managed to create and publish the magazine called The South. The South is a Savannah, Georgia based magazine started in 2006 and has grown year by year. They cover all local news, events, shopping, dining, and much more about Savannah.

At Brooks’s presentation he gave out very valuable information about how to network and get the job you’ve been aspiring for. One thing he said was to always get business cards from presentations and shake the hand of the presenter, to show them respect and thank them for the presentation. After you apply for a job you should be the one to call and follow up with them. Your future employer will then know you are really dedicated and serious about working for their company.

For further information about The South Magazine go to

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Research Guides

Posted by courtneycox2009 on March 2, 2010

The library has now put together a simple and very useful research guide for all majors here at Ringling. Research Guides are here to help everyone with researching topics about their major. There are even short videos, pictures, books and magazines that relates to the specific major and can  be useful for enhancing one’s work.

How to use Research Guides:

  • Click on the individual Research Guide you’d like to see
  • Begin researching by clicking on the different tabs
  • Each tab will have different  information about the intended major which are all highly informative.

Though Research Guides are still in the process of being perfected, students can at least familiarize themselves with the format of this new strategy.

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What is Motion Design?

Posted by courtneycox2009 on March 2, 2010

Many students and staff around campus keep asking what the new major of Motion Design is. As a first year Motion Design student, I can simply say that Motion Design is literally  a bit of everything. We learn a animation, film, photography, claymation, stop motion, graphic design, illustration, visual effects, and much more. Here are a few examples of what Motion Design really is.

Allison Schulnik, the director of this video created this using claymation along with stop motion, which is something that our Motion Design Department will be doing a lot of. This is a great example of what we do in Motion Design.

Another great example of Motion Design is the credits for Sherlock Holmes. Notice how parts of the film turn into illustrations and graphics- that’s simply what Motion Design entails, and what the future holds for this new department.

For further information visit our new Motion Design Research Guide page

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Special Collections Display: my new favorites

Posted by artlikeart on February 26, 2010

Spec Coll display

Heinz and JudyFrench Fries

Special Collections is a not-so-secret dark room where “special” materials are stored, like fine and rare books, and limited edition artist books. They aren’t in the general circulating collection because one or more of the following things are true: they’re unique, have some value, or are just really fragile.

Although these items can’t be checked out, you are certainly welcome to see them for yourself. That’s why we have them! Just ask at the Circulation Desk for the book you’d like to look at.

(And don’t forget to wear your gloves.)

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The Disposable Skateboard Bible – Book Review

Posted by geohaney on January 27, 2010

The Disposable Skateboard Bible
By Sean Cliver

GV 859.8.C55 2009

“It’s a monument to my glory days of yore, and I have yet to meet anyone with an iota of skateboarding in their past—regardless of hardcore proclivities or collecting biases—that hasn’t walked in, stared at the wall and momentarily lost themselves in a time warp of memories. Such is the unique and twisted power of the vintage skateboard.” – Sean Cliver

Destined for destruction, skateboard graphics have hardly been revered as high art in the eyes of those outside the skateboarding subculture. However, many of these once massed produced pieces of screen printed plywood hold collection value comparative to that of gallery paintings.

The Disposable Skateboard Bible introduces the reader to the little known and much less understood world of vintage skateboard collecting, or as the author Sean Cliver would call it, “skatehoarding.” Squeezing together decades of note worthy decks, this book serves as a hard-bound time capsule of skateboard graphic history. With a light hearted and whimsical style, Cliver discusses his journey into the sometimes dark and damaging obsession of skateboard collecting. Built around visuals more than text, this book outlines the creation of the first skateboard museum, Skatelab and chronologically documents many, but not all, of the coveted pieces in the collection.

The Disposable Skateboard Bible is great for anyone with an interest in skateboarding culture and history. It’s 367 pages are ripe with a colorful, visual evolution of skateboard graphics destined to intrigue even those with the faintest regard for the sport. This book may be particularly inspirational to students in both Illustration and Design who might be considering skate graphics as a career path.

George Haney, 1/2010

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Periodicals: Stash

Posted by christinefra on November 19, 2009

If you’ve ever been to our Library, one of the first things you might have noticed first is the two walls lined with our periodicals. Our magazine subscriptions are wide and varied, and they run the gamut from Fine Arts to Pop Culture and beyond. There are certainly a few magazines here I’d never seen before, but of all the ones I’ve become acquainted with, there are none quite like Stash.

You can tell this will be good.

Stash is, according to their website, “the planet’s only monthly video showcase of animation, VFX and motion graphics”. They stick true to their mission, and each DVD is packed with a whole bunch of videos short films, broadcast design, music videos and commercials from around the world. This wide range of subjects, artists and clients produces equal variety in styles and solutions. Best of all, each DVD is accompanied by a booklet which contains details for each of the pieces.

It’s definitely worth a peek. The variety is each issue is sure to inspire or at the very least, amuse.

Click on one of the following images to see a short, if you’re still not convinced.

The Pearce Sisters

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc

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