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Artist Books!

Posted by jennugent on November 2, 2011

Half of our artist books are currently on display across from the circulation desk. Ask the library staff to get a better look at these, or any others that are stored in our Special Collections.

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Interior Design Posters on Display

Posted by Carter on December 1, 2010

There are so many ways that interior design has contributed to our society – from increasing personal safety, health and wellbeing, to lifestyle improvements, education, research, sustainable designs, and of course the benefits to our living, healing, learning, and working environments. But what have you heard about interior designers providing community service for the public such as assisting underprivileged, impoverished, or disabled people?


These posters were created by teams of students in Jill Eleazer’s Business Practice class during the Fall 2010 semester.  Stop by the library to see them on display now!

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Research Guides

Posted by courtneycox2009 on March 2, 2010

The library has now put together a simple and very useful research guide for all majors here at Ringling. Research Guides are here to help everyone with researching topics about their major. There are even short videos, pictures, books and magazines that relates to the specific major and can  be useful for enhancing one’s work.

How to use Research Guides:

  • Click on the individual Research Guide you’d like to see
  • Begin researching by clicking on the different tabs
  • Each tab will have different  information about the intended major which are all highly informative.

Though Research Guides are still in the process of being perfected, students can at least familiarize themselves with the format of this new strategy.

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New Book: Japanese Style

Posted by dantisdale on December 4, 2008

Japanese Style

NK 1484.A1 L66 2008

Japanese Style

Japanese Style

Have you ever heard of the Pokemon themed airplane? Have you seen the Curtain Wall House?  Do you know what a capsule hotel is? Never fear, Japanese Style has the answer to all of these queries and more. With over 300 pages of full color photographs and descriptive paragraphs cataloguing everything from fashion to vending machines, Japanese Style is not only a book on style, it’s a primer on modern Japanese culture.

Japanese Style, however, is not just a showcase for all cool things Japanese; it is a photographic documentary of the contrast between traditional Japanese symbols and the creeping influence of western culture. The book highlights how and where western culture has been adopted and integrated into modern Japanese life; for example, Kabuki theater makeup is compared with modern gothic Lolita fashion. The book takes this concept even further by contrasting the universal idea of lunch; the Japanese Bento box versus the American grilled cheese sandwich.

Whether you are interested in Japanese culture as a hobby or if you are looking for information for a certain project, Japanese Style is loaded with a variety of strange facts sure to entertain and satisfy.

- Danielle Tisdale, 11/2008

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New Book: Apartment Therapy

Posted by dantisdale on December 4, 2008

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

NK2195.A6 A62 2008

How would you describe your ideal room? Are you interested in a cozy space packed tight with retro memorabilia? Or are you more a fan of modernism and industrial design? Regardless of your taste, Apartment Therapy has got stunning, full color images that are sure to astonish and inspire.

Apartment Therapy’s main motivation is displaying the home as something more than just physical shelter. Written by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Jill Slater, and Janel Laban, it features over 250 pages of photos, interviews and sources from their site,, that highlight design solutions. The houses used in this book are those of real people in realistic living situations, not those of celebrities or the ultra-rich, providing real solutions and sources for those of us on a tight budget.

Apartment Therapy’s largest asset, however, is the range of homes and rooms displayed. From teeny-tiny apartments with cozy nooks and crannies to gigantic lofts with soaring ceilings, Apartment Therapy succeeds in providing inspiration for designing a room of any stature. The authors encourage, “Nothing you do for your home is ever wasted,” so what are you waiting for?

- Danielle Tisdale, 10/2008

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