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Downloading Killer Tracks production music—set up your individual account and password

Posted by Carter on February 20, 2012

Using production music in your project and don’t have a Killer Tracks account and password yet?  You will need to set up an individual account and password with Killer Tracks to be able to download the music tracks.  Don’t worry, there’s no cost to you. That’s already covered by Kimbrough Library.

Set up your account and password now while you have plenty of time.  It can take 24 hours on a weekday for Killer Tracks to confirm your account and they do not process password requests on weekends.

To set up your individual account and request a password:

1.  Go to the Library’s website where we list our music and sound effects databases on the “Find Sounds” page:

2.  Click on Killer Tracks, accept the terms of use, and login to the proxy server using your Ringling ID and password.

3.  Follow the instructions on the subsequent page.  Remember to use your Ringling email address, as well as the Client Account # 15227.

Call Kimbrough Library at 359-7587 if you need assistance.

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Free eBooks? Where?

Posted by artlikeart on March 9, 2011

Oh, have I stumbled on some good stuff for people who like to read! And it’s free!

You probably already knew about Project Gutenberg which is a free e-book and audio book website listed on our library’s Find Books page. You might even know about Project Gutenberg’s partner site, LibriVox, a site of free public domain audio books. Want to read Sun Tzu’s Art of War and listen to it at the same time? Now you can! For free! Have you ever read Voltaire’s Candide? No? You should sometime-it’s hilarious. And free! Have a craving to hear a *dramatic* reading of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? Or even a craving to read it, abridged or unabridged. This, too, can be done-for free!

Another e-book site that I’ve found recently is Feedbooks. Not everything is for free on this site but they do have a nice amount of public domain free books. You can find free copies of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, H.P. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu and other books worth looking at.

I’ve also discovered yet another e-book site which also has the potential to be really cool. Manybooks is another affiliate of Project Gutenberg claiming to have more than 29,000 titles. All of these are free for download to your laptop, iPad, Kindle, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or other portable eReader devices.

The reason many books are available for free through sites like Project Gutenberg or Manybooks is because they are public domain materials, whose copyright protection expired long ago. But not all books on Manybooks are in the public domain. Some are newer, recently published books. How can that be, you ask?

So, here’s the neat thing about Manybooks… they take e-book submissions! There are some guidelines, of course. First, your book has to be available for free. Then you must either hold the copyright to the work or else the content must be in the public domain. Manybooks favors work licensed through the Creative Commons. And don’t we love Creative Commons? Yes we do!

So, if you’ve slaved away at that sci-fi novella in your dorm room in the wee hours, maybe you have a shot at publishing it. Give it away for free and build that fan base! Christopher Paolini started writing Eragon when he was 15. He self-published that first book. Look at what happened to that lucky boy!

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American Film Scripts Online

Posted by Carter on February 15, 2011

From Accidents Will Happen to Ziegfeld Girl, American Film Scripts Online database is a treasure trove of material.  You’ll find full electronic copies of over 1,000 films, all available for download in PDF format.

While the majority of them are the shooting scripts, you’ll also find continuity scripts and draft scripts, which can be extremely revealing of industry practices.

The database is full of incredibly rich information.  For example, many of the actor and character names are hyperlinked.  So, with one click you can find that American Film Scripts Online has 15 films with Spencer Tracy.  The database also has links to IMDB for further info.

This is an ideal database for doing research on a variety of social issues as documented in film.  For example, you might use it to research depictions of the Third Reich, the discrimination against women in the 20th century, or the rist of automobiles in American consumer culture.

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Need to Dig Deeper?

Posted by Carter on October 6, 2010

The Library is excited to unveil the first of three new posters promoting our digital resources.  Do you know about the plethora of quality information available to you online through our database subscriptions?  Want to search through and read 44,000 ebooks any time of day or night?  What about credible magazine and newspaper articles when you need them?  Visit to explore.

To celebrate, we are offering a limited number giveaways for students!  To get your giveaway, show the Circulation desk that you’ve checked in at Kimbrough Library on Foursquare, Facebook Places, Brightkite, or Gowalla.  Don’t have one of these accounts?  Come to the Circulation desk to ask for your  give away.

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Troubleshooting Java Plugins for Credo Reference

Posted by Carter on October 5, 2010

One of our digital resources, Credo Reference, has a really amazing feature called the Concept Map.

Some students have noticed a problem opening up articles when using the concept map, so we thought we’d point you toward some help.  The notebooks issued in the 2010-11 academic year may not have the Java Plugin needed to display articles using the concept map feature.  Here’s what the Credo Reference blog says we can do to fix this:

The concept map needs Java 1.4.19 or newer to work. That is the only requirement. For the users that don’t have Java installed this link provides installers for all operating systems: After installation the browser will need to be restarted. Windows users might need to reboot their computer.

In some cases Java is already installed but it is disabled in the browser. How to enable it is browser-specific but it usually means opening the browser’s Preferences dialog and enabling Java. In Firefox the checkbox to enable Java is in the Preferences window under the ‘Content’ tab. In Safari the option is under the ‘Security’ tab. The option is usually placed besides the option to enable Java Script. It is important to note, though, that ‘Java’ and ‘Java Script’ are two completely different/independent things and enabling one does not enable the other.

If you have questions about the Java plug in, email Credo Reference at  If you have questions about using Credo in general just email the library at

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Life Magazine In Color, Online

Posted by Carter on May 11, 2010

Issues of Life Magazine from 1936-1972 are available digitally from the Google Books project. This is a great publication to study to get a feeling for historical and visual trends in fashion, photography, interiors, world events, and more.

As mentioned on the Google Books Blog,

Most of us are familiar with the term “American Century,” but chances are few of us have been able to read Henry Luce’s defining editorial in its original context, a 1941 issue of LIFE. You’ll be able to find and read Leonard McCombe’s iconic cover and photo essay on a Texas Cowboy and Richard Meryman’s famous last interview with Marilyn Monroe. You can find a 1968 cover story on Georgia O’Keeffe (which you may want to read if you’re visiting the Whitney Museum anytime soon).

You’ll even find Alfred Eisenstadt’s famous photo of the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square on VJ Day in 1945.

For issues not included in Google’s digital library, you can rely on the Library’s collection of LIFE  Magazines.  If you ever want to make high-resolution scans, we have many of the original volumes from 1962-69, and 1980-2000 in storage.  Just request them at the front desk!  Additionally, our ProQuest research database can help you determine which issues relate to your research subject.  ProQuest has citations and abstracts for each issue published from 1986-2000.

Click here to get stared searching Google Books’ issues online!

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Ze Frank is on

Posted by Carter on April 13, 2010

Ze Frank, Creativity Expert, Is on

Students at Ringling can watch this interview with innovative performance artist Ze Frank. In this video he talks about the creative process, audience participation, and embracing digital media.

This video is part of a larger “Creative Inspirations” series, which you can read about here on the blog.

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Posted by courtneycox2009 on February 16, 2010 is now available to all Ringling students, staff, and faculty members. Whether you need help with editing photos,creating a website, making animations, or even with iTunes and Twitter, has just about everything. It is an online video tutorial website with over thousands of video that are here to help all of us succeed. will help you solve most problems you may run into while working on any  software.

Here are steps for using

- Access from the Library’s website by going to find reference info, then clicking on

- Enter your Ringling username and password

- Access the “Learn By:” drop down boxes on to search by subject, software, vendor, or author and find the program you need help with

- Click search

- Your search results come up and then click the video tutorial you want to watch

- Click each segment of the video you’d prefer to watch is easy to learn and holds thousands of helpful tutorials. Students, faculty, and staff should definitely take advantage of our access to

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Killer Tracks: New Releases!

Posted by christinefra on November 3, 2009

Killer Tracks has just come up with a couple of new releases in 10 different libraries!

For those of you who don’t know, Killer Tracks is most likely our most beloved audio resource. You can browse through hundreds of songs, clips and sound fx through it’s user-friendly catalog or using a more specific search through the “trakfinder”. You can then listen to the clips and set aside those you like to download them. This is especially valuable for those of you in Computer Animation or Digital Film.

Now, Killer Tracks has expanded its library once more, to include the following 15 new releases in 10 different libraries. So be sure to check them out!

killer tracks


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Pop Culture Universe

Posted by Carter on June 17, 2009

We know that it is often challenging to find reliable sources about pop culture topics.  The Pop Culture Universe database gives you the ability to search 400 books using the keyboard in front of you.  The list below is of the most recent books added to this database:

  • Mods, Rockers, and the Music of the British Invasion
  • Red, White, and Spooked: The Supernatural in American Culture
  • American Pop: The Encyclopedia of Popular Culture by Decade
  • Angelina Jolie: A Biography
  • Apple Inc. (Corporations that Changed the World)
  • Audrey Hepburn: A Biography
  • Clint Eastwood: Evolution of a Filmmaker
  • Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports
  • Encyclopedia of Hip Hop Literature
  • Encyclopedia of Jewish-American Popular Culture
  • Encyclopedia of Sports in America: A History from Foot Races to Extreme Sports
  • Guitar Gods: The 25 Players Who Made Rock History
  • Round Up the Usual Suspects: Criminal Investigation in “Law & Order,” “Cold Case,” and “CSI”
  • Sports on Television
  • Stephen King: A Biography
  • Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • John McCain: A Biography
  • Icons of American Architecture

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