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Handmade Book Artist Bea Nettles Visits Ringling College

Posted by Carter on February 3, 2012

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Artist Books!

Posted by jennugent on November 2, 2011

Half of our artist books are currently on display across from the circulation desk. Ask the library staff to get a better look at these, or any others that are stored in our Special Collections.

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Jen’s selections from our Special Collections

Posted by jennugent on November 2, 2011

Come in and check out the display just outside the library’s computer lab!

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New in ARTstor: Emilio Sanchez Paintings

Posted by Carter on April 16, 2010

ARTstor is a database of over 1 million high-quality art, design, and cultural objects.  Ringling students can log in and download images here.

From time to time the database will announce when new artwork that has been added to their database.  Recently they announced the Emilio Sanchez collection.

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Famous Painter James Rosenzquist is Coming to Ringling

Posted by Carter on April 12, 2010

Famous painter James Rosenquist will be speaking on campus this Friday, April 16th.  Swing by the library to check out his biographical work, Painting Below Zero: Notes on Life in Art.  If you just want a quick rundown on his life, you should check out his profile on

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New Movie Review: Beautiful Losers

Posted by sdsherman on March 11, 2010

Beautiful Losers

A Film by Aaron Rose

N6536 .B43 2009

Art comes in many forms, and the artists who make it are as varied as the works they create. For many the inspiration to make art is rooted in childhood, the discoveries and wonders of youth form a foundation from which to explore creativity. Filled with emotion and passion, Beautiful Losers is a charismatic and eccentric look into the creative spirit.

Beautiful Losers is a testament to that journey of creative expression, following the images and experiences of what would become one of the most recognized groups of artists in today’s fine artistic community. Pro-skater Ed Templeton, OBEY founder Shepard Fairey, Harmony Korine, Mike Mills, Barry McGee, Chris Johanson, Geoff McFetridge, Jo Jackson, Margaret Kilgallen, Stephen Powers and Thomas Campbell have been creating work and touring together since the early 1990′s. Their work has been catapulted onto the international stage, and now in this documentary we are able to catch a glimpse into the people behind the paintings; their life stories and the motivations that drive them to create.

More than anything, Beautiful Losers serves as a platform for these artists to speak their minds; to reflect on their art-making careers, and the meaning they attribute to their artistic journey. They talk of their pursuit of a grounded reality, one where they feel authentic and uninhibited. Their words ring true for today’s artists and youth, the discontent of a generation and a desire for a deeper meaning.

Beautiful Losers is a MUST WATCH. Every frame is saturated with creativity, images an sounds bound together in a tapestry of artistic expression. Accompanied by a quirky and harmonious soundtrack these stories are sure to inspire your artistic drive, and you may find yourself needing a second viewing just to soak it all in again. Rent Beautiful Losers today!

Can’t find this movie on the shelf?

Ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk.

Scott Sherman 2/10

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Research Guides

Posted by courtneycox2009 on March 2, 2010

The library has now put together a simple and very useful research guide for all majors here at Ringling. Research Guides are here to help everyone with researching topics about their major. There are even short videos, pictures, books and magazines that relates to the specific major and can  be useful for enhancing one’s work.

How to use Research Guides:

  • Click on the individual Research Guide you’d like to see
  • Begin researching by clicking on the different tabs
  • Each tab will have different  information about the intended major which are all highly informative.

Though Research Guides are still in the process of being perfected, students can at least familiarize themselves with the format of this new strategy.

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Library Insider: Artist’s Books

Posted by dantisdale on February 12, 2009

Beautiful, mysterious and oftentimes expensive, the artist book is very easily identified but not easily defined. According to the State Library of Queensland, an artist’s book is “An artwork in a book format, or an artwork which has its origins in the form or concept of the book.” Whereas the Livres D’Artistes/Livres-Objets states that artists books are “’Containers’ of written elements or visual imagery, of heterogeneous materials, of photographs and signs, providing a dynamic setting for the interplay between words and images, material and two dimensional space…” With such varied and ambiguous definitions it is easy to imagine the possibilities present in this art form.Formal definitions aside, typical artists books are limited edition handmade/altered books with roots stemming from the 1970s conceptual art movement. They vary in size and shape ranging from expansive, foldout 3-D pieces to smaller, more traditional 2-D bound pieces. Each book’s content also varied, and due to the nature of these individualized works, are oftentimes very personal to the artist.

Where can such books be found? Well, with a constantly growing collection of over 270 artist’s books, the Kimbrough Library is a great place to start. Artist’s books can be viewed by appointment Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. Contact Sarah Carter for an appointment.

For more artist’s books, check out Artist’s Books Online and Artist’s Books at the State Library of Queensland where you can view images of books online. Other great resources include Artist Books 3.0, a community dedicated to the discussion of artist’s books and Vamp & Tramp, where you can purchase artists books.

Regardless of your interests or major, artist’s books can be fascinating and inspiring and I strongly recommend experiencing them while they are so close at hand.

A Fine Assortment of Books

Bon Bon Mots : A Fine Assortment of Books by Julie Chen

Images of books above used with permission. Books are available for viewing by appointment in the Kimbrough Library.

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New Book: Wolfgang Mattheuer

Posted by bmwharton on January 7, 2009

Wolfgang Mattheuer: Abend, Hugel, Walder, Liebe. Der andere Mattheuer
ND 588 .M28 A4 2007

Don’t be intimidated by the title—an English translation of the text is printed right next to the German on each page.

You’ll be much more fascinated by the paintings. Dreamscapes of astonishing beauty bursting with metaphor, they represent the life’s work of one of the finest post-WWII German artists. “Everything arises from the landscape,” wrote Heinz Schonemann, “his political visions, his accusations, his turmoil, his wake-up calls.”

But you don’t need to read about them. Mattheuer’s surrealist landscapes of nature or suburbia, and his atmospheric color are so expressive, you’ll get a strong impression of his thoughts just with the pictures.
—Brett Wharton, 10/08

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New Book: Land Art

Posted by brimeyer on December 15, 2008

Land Art

Land Art

Land Art

by Michael Lailach

What greater canvas could an artist ask for than the surface of the Earth?  For these artists, that’s all they require.  In his book, Land Art, Michael Lailach explores the development of earthworks as an art form, and the influential artists of the movement.  With a brief, informative introduction, he explains a little bit of the history of the art form, and what is involved in creating an earthwork structure.

Lailach then jumps straight into the major players and their creations.  The rest of the book is dedicated to explaining some of the well-known earthworks … and some of those who are more obscure.  In an easy-to-follow format he gives the artists’ names, the location of the piece, the dates of creation, photos, and a one or two page write up about the work.  With each new piece he provides a background of the artist, and their thought process as they developed the earthwork.

If you’re curious about the significance and symbolism of some of these amazing creations, and the artistic minds behind them, then Land Art is certainly the book for you.

Bri Meyer, 12/2008

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